Amare Aregawi arrested

Owner of the renowned Amharic weekly, Reporter, Amare Aregawi was arrested on his return from USA on Friday. It is also learnt that he was taken to Gondar on Sunday. According to sources, he is arrested on the allegation of a supposedly commited offense in the recent news report published on Reporter concerning Dashen Beer Factory.





A former member of EPRDF/TPLF, Amare was manager of Ethiopian Television as the party overthrew Derg and controlled Ethiopia.


Despite the criticism and rebuke he throws at the government, many believe that Amare is an ardent Sympathizer and defender of EPRDF from his views and standpoints he often reflects in the editorial of Reporter, especially during Election 97.


Recently, his consistent objection of the newly drafted Press Law has got him the attention of the government and media stakeholders. However, the unanticipated ratification of the law seemed to have disappointed him.


Amare perhaps crossed the redline EPRDF marked in his insistent reprimanding of the sensitive media and press freedom issue


  • Amare Aregawi Simply defined as tough security personnel who disseminate wrong information’s about government opponents.
    He also engaged on defaming both Pro EPRDF and Pro opposition personalities, by doing so he put the largest share of propaganda against strong personalities.
    Amare played significant role for EPRDF during their heyday by recording the image of government opponents using ETV camera crews, when I was in Germany last year I met Habtamu Ayeta he told me how he abused his profession.

    Kinfe Gubremedhin


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