Teedy’s prison term reduced

The six year sentence ruled on Teddy Afro for the alleged crime he committed is reduce to two years on appeal. In consideration of the time he already served, he could be free very shortly.

Despite holding the guilty verdict, the judge Dagne Melaku reduced the sentence from six years to two on grounds that the victim was seen lying drunk and unconscious in the road before the accident-and that the police had failed to move him to safety.

Teddy has already spent a year at Kaliti that it is supposed he would only remain with less than year to serve, with an allowance for good behavior.

According to BBC’s Elizabeth Blunt, who reported the news no sooner than the closing of the appellate court, “groups of people gathered around streets hugging and cheering each other at the news that their favorite singer would soon be free.”
The judge confirmed the guilty verdict asserting that “they found the allegation that he killed a young homeless man approved by evidences.”

“Though his lawyer refused to present mitigating circumstances that would reduce the verdict , we have found the case that the victim was lying drunk on the street before the arrival of Teddy’s car , as a mitigating circumstance. The victim played the major role in the accident,” explained the judge.

Interrupting the judge’s speech of verdict Teddy asked permission if it is possible to explain. In apprehension of Teddy’s interruption of the court, his lawyer asked pardon justifying Teddy’s mistake in lack of awareness of a court procedure. The judge’s response to Teddy’s temperament was a reprimanding back slash, “you are not right. Immaturity is observed in your behaviors”

There is an enthused anticipation among Teddy’s fans of what he would come up with coming out of prison.


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