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​Ethiopia to launch its first satellite in two years. 

Ethiopia is going to launch its first satellite into space on 2019.  According to Dr. Engineer Getahun Mekurai, the country’s Minister of Science and technology, the satellite which is being built with the support of the Chinese government, weighs 65kgs, it’s disclosed on Thursday July 13. He said Ethiopian engineers are participating in building the satellite which will be launched

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Bewketu Seyoum comes up with a new poetry anthology

Book will be officially launched in the USA  Bewketu Seyoum happened to be a remarkable literary figure in contemporary Ethiopian literature who could achieve prominent acceptance and applause with his published books of poetry, essays, and historical analysis. And this time he has come up with a new book of poetry entitled “የማለዳ ድባብ” (Atmosphere of Dawn). The new book

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​ቆይታ ከበዕውቀቱ ሥዩም ጋር

በዕውቀቱ ሥዩም የስነጽሑፍ ተስፋችንን ከጣልንባቸው ወጣት ጸሐፊዎች አንዱ ነው። “በክንፋም ህልሞች” ውስጥም የመጽሐፉን ርዕስ የያዘውን አጭር ልብወለድ ደራሲ ነው። ስለሱም ከመጽሐፉ ያገኘነው እንዲህ ይላል – “… በጎጃም ማንኩሳ በምትባል ገጠር ቢጤ ከተማ ተወለደ። ደብረ ማርቆስም ተማረ። በ1995 ዓ.ም. ‘ኗሪ አልባ ጎጆዎች’ የሚል የግጥም ስብስብና በ 1996 ‘በራሪ ቅጠሎች’ የሚል የሽርፍራፊ ታሪኮች መድበል አሳትሟል። … በ1993 ዓ.ም. ከአዲስ አበባ ዩኒቨርስቲ የመጀመሪያ

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